In the writing prompts book, it had a place to list 25 things you would never do, but it didn’t have a place to list things you hoped to do. So, I made my own list. This may seem like a very strange list to most people, but my life is very different from most people. A lot of my list is about our living conditions. Several items are because of my desire to travel or to make myself a better person. In a year, I will look back on this list and see how many items can be crossed off.

This picture shows what was our back yard. It is more like a back jungle now. It was taken last year and is much worse this year. You can barely see the main house.


26 things I hope will happen to me in the future.

I hope to:

Have a flushable toilet
Have hot, running water (especially in the bath tub)
Get my license
Not have hives
Be a grandmother
Not have dementia
Have a house and yard that I am not ashamed of
Make my own lye soap
Learn to tat
Go on a cruise
See dawn break over the Atlantic (my absolute favorite thing to do)
Take online courses
Sell some handmade things
Cut the grass
Not lose the house
Be published
Use coupons again (I was a coupon queen. Now, my husband refuses to buy me a Sunday paper and I have no printer to print coupons.)
Travel across the country
Complete the prompts book
Take the trash off myself (seems weird, but the husband will not take the trash off and I do not have a licence. Well, neither does he.)
Travel by jet
Participate in living history again
Bake bread again
Have an exercise routine
Lose weight
Have a job