Here is another writing prompt from the book my daughter gave me.  This list was incredibly hard to fill out. That is why there are a few ridiculous things listed here.  You can tell from the list that I am not a daredevil and am a little bit boring.  In a later post,  I will write about the wildest thing I did in my younger days.  It was quite tame, but I never told my parents about it.

Here is a picture of me taken on Easter.  No mascara. No contacts. No fake fingernails.


“List 25 things you will never do.”

Use heavy, hard drugs (I may be inclined to try pot once if it ever becomes legal in SC)
Drive drunk
Have my ears pierced again (I tried three times)
Have a snake as a pet
Smoke cigarettes – never again
Practice Islam (or any religion besides Christianity)
Wear mascara
Grow to 6 feet tall (pretty obvious!)
Stop learning
Wear contacts (I did when I was younger)
Betray my children
Go deep sea diving (snorkeling would be fun, though)
Go bungee jumping (I may be short and round, but I am not a yo-yo!)
Eat really hot peppers
Post one of those silly Snapchat pics
Have Snapchat
Be a concert pianist
Have a threesome (sorry for grossing you out, kids)
Have fake fingernails (except maybe for a Halloween costume)
Read slutty romance novels
Be a ballet dancer (Again, short and round here)
Have a hamster (every hamster I ever had escaped from his cage)
Sing in public
Be comfortable using a public restroom