This post will be short as my eyes cannot seem to focus.

Sunday evening, as I was brushing my teeth, the room started spinning. I wondered if I was having a stroke. I was alone and my phone was in the other room, but I felt that I should sit down before going to get it. I did manage to get my phone and blood pressure monitor and get back to the bathroom before throwing up. My blood pressure was 178/101. I continued to throw up until the next morning and couldn’t keep down even a sip of water.

The next morning,  I was able to keep down a few stale crackers and Coke, but was still very dizzy. I slept most of the day. That night, I glanced at a catalog, but trying to read made me throw up again. 

My dear husband left me alone for two nights sick and without a lot of food. Thankfully, a friend brought me soup, a cucumber, ginger ale, and wonderfully stomach soothing and delicious saltines.

Four days later, I am still staggering around like a drunk toddler and have only been down the stairs one and a half times (I only went to the landing once). My stomach is still sensitive, and my head often aches. I can only stand to watch an hour of tv a day. I can get on the internet in short bursts and have not tried reading again.  I attempted to knit as I am trying to make socks for my children for Christmas,  but made a mistake and put my needles down. I was able to crochet a couple of tiny washcloths, so I felt like I acomplished something.

I have discovered one thing this week – vertigo sucks!