It is a good day. The weather here is at that perfect point between hot and cold as the leaves are slowly changing and the brilliantly blue sky is filled with fluffy clouds. The cats, dogs, and husband are all napping as I sit here composing this post on an actual computer keyboard. Prior posts for this blog and my poetry blog were all typed on my phone. The click of the keys underneath my fingertips feels luxurious. Typing on this Asus Transformer Book may ignite a spark of creativity.

Yesterday, I spent several hours with my son, watching YouTube and the new Star Wars movie. I also spent the night on the couch there. The second Saturday night in a row spent at the kids’ house. I love spending time with my awesome children!

In the last two months, I have made three new online friends! Since I am at home alone most of the time, I do not have opportunities to make real life friends. These online friendships mean the world to me.

The husband is making feeble attempts to fix the house. He is under the impression that my mother wants to move in with us. She talked about it for a few days, but changed her mind. I did not tell hubby that she decided to not live with us, in hopes that he might actually fix something, So far, he is mostly all talk and no action.

The house may be going on the auction block in a couple of weeks because we owe around $1800 in back taxes. That amount is just for this house. We owe around $3000 total for the entire 6 acres. If it sells, I will be fine, for I have friends and family who care for me.