Like a typical woman, I like to shop. Unlike your average woman, I am not a fan of the mall. I do adore grocery shopping, and I miss it so much.


A few years ago, I was a coupon queen.  Super Double coupon weeks at Harris Teeter were like Disney World to me. I would prepare for a shopping trip for days. There was nothing like walking out of the store with a cartload of groceries and only paying a few dollars. In the photo above, the five bags of groceries only cost $5.26! It was such a rush to get fantastic deals. Those days are over. Harris Teeter is on the other side of town, which to me is like being on the other side of the country.  I do not even look at the Harris Teeter ads any more.

A new way to save money has emerged with shopping apps like Ibotta and MobiSave. I rarely look at them any more since I hardly ever go to the store. I did look at Ibotta today, but wished I hadn’t.  They have a great bonus deal going on now.  If you buy 10 items, you get an extra $10 off in addition to whatever rebates are on the items. And, they have 75 cent rebates on tic tacs.  Man, oh man, $20 and a trip to Walmart would bring back that old rush of shopping Nirvana.  But it is about like asking for the moon.


Instead of feeling sorry for myself and bemoaning my current situation, I need to use this as a learning opportunity.  I need to better myself, spread my wings, and gain more independence, so that I can and will be ready next time.