Lately, I have wanted to post the story about how my sister and I raised abandoned, baby bluebirds, but wanted to first visit the library to print out a newspaper article which had a picture of a bluebird resting in my curly brown hair. Unfortunately, getting a ride to the library is a problem. Since it is next to the police station, getting my husband to take me there is quite impossible.

So, I will write about what is going on this morning.  For a year now, I have contemplated leaving my husband. Life with him is always frustrating.  Today, I thought of ways my life would be better if I lived somewhere else. Three things came to mind quickly – the ability to wash clothes whenever I wanted, the pure luxury of turning on the hot water in the bathroom, and the ease of having a toilet that flushes. Instantly, I felt petty and pathetic, admonishing myself for not counting my blessings. A lot of the world’s population would love to have what I have. At least I have clothes, which I can wash in the churn or bathtub, or have the husband take to the laundromat.  At least I have running water (we didn’t for a long time) and I can go downstairs to turn on the hot water. At least I do not have to go outside to an outhouse or a hole in the ground.

There are many more blessings, as numerous as the stars in the sky – two lovely children, family, friends, food to eat, shelter from the weather, two little old dogs, a bunch of cats (they do not always seem like blessings), tender little winter squash plants, the prettiest basil plant I have ever grown, tall trees, a gentle breeze, and the Carolina blue sky. A beating heart, lungs that breathe, eyes that see. The ability to walk and talk and think and create. Life itself is a blessing, especially since I wasn’t expected to live when I was a baby.

Today, don’t worry about what you don’t have; be thankful for what you have.