While rereading my blog, i realized that i left out a very important chapter. I found it on my old blog, then pasted it here. It is about my first pregnancy. I wrote this blog post on March 25, 2016.

Sarah enjoyed playing the happy homemaker, but wasn’t too fond of the alarm going off every morning at 5:30.

After John left for work, she sometimes went back to sleep. She often dreamed vivid dreams during this quiet time. One dream in particular was very memorable.

A week after their marriage, she had a simple dream that only consisted of a baby and the date, 01-14-1989. When she woke up, she wondered for a moment if she would have a baby on that date, but then she realized that the date had passed. Since it couldn’t be the day of the birth, it must have been the day of the conception. It was also the day they were married. She didn’t say anything to John about her dream.

Sure enough, she skipped a period at the beginning of February. She bought a pregnancy test, which confirmed her suspicions. On February 16th, she started having morning sickness.

John was overjoyed with the news, even though he thought it was too soon to have a baby. Sarah was relieved that he was happy because he had talked about making her have an abortion if she had gotten pregnant while they were dating. Sarah didn’t want an abortion and believed that a baby is a sacred gift that shouldn’t be thrown away.

When she went for the ultrasound, she did not want to know the gender of the baby. She was amazed to see the baby was sucking its thumb! Later on, she would laugh and say that the thumb sucking was only because there wasn’t a pacifier in there!

This was a happy time in Sarah’s life. She loved feeling the baby move within her. John took her to see the movie, “Star Trek V.” The baby moved the entire time. This also prompted laughter later on, since the child grew up to be a sci-fi fan.

One evening the young couple went to play Putt-Putt. Sarah was seven months pregnant then. Even though she couldn’t see her feet, she still beat John!

Although she loved being with child, it had its drawbacks. She could deal with the nausea and the heartburn, but one thing bothered her more than anything. Her legs would ache every night. She couldn’t really describe the pain, so she never mentioned it to her doctor.