This morning, I awoke, bleary-eyed with stiff, painful legs and managed, despite a veil of unkempt tresses and kittens under my feet, to stumble to the bathroom. Though the light was off, I noticed something large and dark in the tub.  I quickly turned on the light and saw that it was one of the biggest spiders I had ever seen in real life. Of course, it had to invade my bathroom while my husband is behind bars.


Frightened, but facinated, I grabbed my phone and looked in vain for my glasses (I later found them). I took a few pictures of the eight legged beast then looked up the types of spiders in South Carolina.

I quickly found a photo that looked like my spider – a female Dark Fishing Spider. I found out some interesting facts about the breed.
They do not spin webs to catch their prey but the female will make a nursery web for her eggs, which she will guard.  They catch their prey, which is usually large insects, by attacking them.  The courtship ritual can take up to 90 minutes with the actual mating lasting around 4 or 5 minutes. What a lot of foreplay! I guess since the male has only one shot at it (the female eats him after it is over) he wants to get it right!

With such a facinating, yet scary creature, I wished there was a way in which she would vacate my tub without me having to kill her. I did not want to touch her either, since her bite could be as painful as a wasp sting.  I tried pouring water over her,  hoping she would go back to wherever she came from, but it didn’t work.  After several hours, she moved to the faucet.  With a heavy heart, I finally decided to do what must be done. I sprayed her with flea spray, then poured shampoo on her. As she fell back to the tub, I apologized to her. I turned on the water, and as soon as I could scoop her up, I put her in a bucket and tossed her out the bathroom window.

Spiders are helpful and interesting creatures.  I just don’t like them in my bathtub.