Here I sit in my driveway, listening to the buzz of insects as I access the kind neighbor’s wifi.  John is away at a prison work camp, serving 15 days for driving under suspension, second offense.  The last I saw of him was right here, being put in the back of a patrol car, with lovely silver bracelets around his wrists.

While he is beyond bars, I am in a prison, too. Fortunately, I do get paroled every once in a while. Plus, I get to keep my cell phone ☺.

The quiet house does not bother me. I am using the alone time to clean up and haul trash bags outside. I mailed him a letter today, and will continue the old fashioned communication until he comes home.

I just do not know if I will be here when he does come home. My mother wants me to leave him. I was thinking about it before I even talked to her. 

John left me in a bind – no money and no transportation.  Thankfully, a friend brought me some groceries yesterday.  My children are taking me to the store this afternoon.  My mother is sending $80 for groceries.

My world has been shifted, turned sideways, then upside down. I do not know what will happen. Maybe a new chapter is beginning for Sarah’s Storied Life.