I interrupt the somewhat turbulent tale of Sarah to bring you an important news update. Today is a quite monumental day – PAYDAY.  That word lingers on the tongue like honey. It leaves a decicious aftertaste and warm glow like wine. More pleasant words associated with today are GROCERY LIST and KITTENS.

It has been a long time since I made a grocery list.  It was glorious, taking pen to paper and writing down needs and a few wants. It was nice to look through the sales paper, knowing we can actually buy some of it. Hopefully, it will soon be old hat and taken for granted, but for now, it is magical.

I did not mention it on the blog, but several weeks ago, our outside cat, Purrl had five beautiful kittens. There is a hole in the plywood separating the dilapidated den from the rest of the house.  She carried the kittens inside when they were a few days old. Now, they are running around and eating solid food.  I decided that today, I will bring two kittens upstairs into our main living area. We already have two very small dogs and a large cat upstairs.  The other three kittens and Purrl are going outside. And then, if John doesn’t block that hole in the plywood, I will.

We shall see if my day goes according to my plan.