Before I continue with the trials and tribulations of Sarah,  I will update what is happening with my life now. The sun is trying to shine a little light though the dark clouds of my life.

John has a job stocking shelves on 3rd shift at a grocery store. I am proud of him and thankful he is working to provide for us. But he is ashamed and will not tell people that he works at the store. He told my cousin that he worked all night long repairing someone’s house. He doesn’t have sense enough to know that people can see through his lies.

I have not written about it yet,  but for over a year and a half,  he has been driving around with an out of date tag, a suspended license, and no insurance.  He spent a few hours in jail for it in January, 2015. He did not learn his lesson.  Thursday, he was stopped by a cop. The cop let him off easy and wrote him a ticket, buy said if he caught him again, he would take him to jail. He gave him until June 1st to get things straightened out. If he doesn’t, a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

I left the house twice this weekend.  On Friday, I went to my cousin’s 25th anniversary party.  It was wonderful.  I wrote a poem for them.  On Saturday, I went to a family reunion, but it was not without a fight.  John yelled and complained about going to it. I said that he could stay home and I could ride with my cousin. That did not suit him. He finally said that the reason he didn’t want to go was that he was ashamed.

I have had a few health issues lately – a rash that will not go away, redness on one leg, swelling in both legs.  I feel fine except for those issues. This morning, I came up the stairs and was surprised that my legs felt like they weighed 100 pounds each. I have been taking a diuretic,  but it hasn’t helped much.

I have been using my phone to make money with certain apps. I am saving up for a refurbished laptop. I only make at most $2 a day. A dear friend helped me out by buying  me an amazon gift card.  I hope to have my computer in a few weeks.

Everything I have eaten for the last few days has been retrieved from the dumpster, except for a few lettuce leaves, which I picked from my little garden.