Sarah and John had a new life at their store. Things seemed to be going good.  One day, they received an interesting phone call from a lady who worked in the prop department for Fox Television. She was gathering props for a new show called Sleepy Hollow, based on the story by Washington Irving.


Sarah quickly looked up anything she could find on the new show. When she found out that Icabod Crane was going to wake up in the modern age, she was really excited.  Time travel always facinated her. Two ladies came into the little shop and the kept piling merchandise on the counter. Canteens, lanterns, medical equipment, and other items, Sarah just couldn’t believe it.  It was truly a great day for John and Sarah.

The association with Sleepy Hollow did not end there.  John frequently delivered items to the studio or even on location.  They needed 60 burlap bags ASAP, so they were made in the shop. Once, they needed several dozen pounds of beeswax in three days. Wondering how they would get that much on such short notice, Sarah decided to look on Amazon.  They had it at a good price. Her Amazon prime account really came in handy; the beeswax was shipped free and arrived in two days. It was to be used in the scene where Icabod comes out of the ground.

Here is a trailer for the show’s pilot episode. In the battle scene, you can spot the burlap bags.

Sarah was so happy when she heard that Fox would indeed run the show. It was fun trying to spot all of the items from the shop. Things were looking up. But a change was coming to downtown, to their store, and to their lives.