I do not know why, but if I truly want something, I usually get it. It happened today.

This morning, I had really wished that I could try a new kind of shampoo that I had a coupon for.  It is called Whole Blends by Garnier. Even with the coupon, I couldn’t afford it right now.

I went to the mailbox this afternoon, and there was my first box from, a site that sends out product samples. I had forgotten which samples I had chosen, so I was anxious to open the box. Among the samples and coupons, were two little bottles – Garnier Whole Blends shampoo and conditioner!  It was the best trip to the mailbox in a long time! The shampoo smells amazing!!


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There have been several times where I really truly wanted something and ended up getting it that day. Once, it was a braided rug. We found it at a flea market for 12 bucks. Another time, it was a black pocketbook. We found it at a yard sale for $1. The most amazing time was four years ago at Walmart. While my husband was looking at something in another part of the store, I was in the electronics department. I usually do not pay much attention to the televisions, but that day, a large 3D television caught my eye. I had never seen such a clearer, crisper picture before on a tv screen. It was a smart tv to boot! I thought to myself that I would love to have a television like that. I did not mention it to anyone. I then went to the crafting part of the store and didn’t give the tv another thought.

I didn’t hear the announcement over the loudspeaker, but John did.  In a few minutes, he called me on my phone and asked my to meet him at the back of the store. I met him, not knowing what was going on.

He pointed at two televisions on a table. Neither one was in a box. One was a 48 inch  3D smart tv and the other was a 22 inch tv. He then informed me that he bought both of them for $350 total. The big one by itself sold for $600. I had my 3D TV!

Our son has the big tv now and we use the small one. It is amazing how things work out.

By the way, the latest object of my desire is a laptop. With it, I could access the neighbor’s wifi, work on my blogs, do research, try earnestly to get published, go “driving” with Google StreetView, and make money on various websites. If it is meant to be, I will get a laptop soon!