So many people say I am so calm and patient, and I am for the most part. But, occasionally, a bit of anger will come boiling up. Such was the case today. The victim of my wrath – a helpless can of peas.

Last night for supper, I had wonderful, homemade macaroni and cheese. It was prepared using this recipe – – only we baked it in an enameled cast iron 6 quart Dutch oven. We also put a whole pound of macaroni. The cheeses we used were Asiago, white sharp cheddar, and yellow cheddar hoop cheese. All the cheese was expensive deli cheeses that John found, still cold, in the dumpster.

Today for lunch, I wanted some vegetables with my leftover mac and cheese. I thought I had carrots in the fridge, but didn’t see them. I did see a can of peas in the cabinet.  I grabbed a can opener, but I the gears were not turning. I grabbed another, but all it did was punch holes in the top. I managed to put a small opening in the can, like you would put in a can of milk. I managed to shake about 12 peas out of the can. I then started beating the can on the counter. I got so mad that I started throwing the can in the sink.

After my fit of anger passed, I called John and told him I wanted a new can opener. He calmly told me where another can opener was. But it was too late for the poor can of peas.