While trying to recover from the overactive thyroid, Sarah started having some problems with her knees.  She told John that she needed to see a doctor.  They had top of the line insurance then as a benefit for his job.  Like before with the thyroid, he said that she didn’t have to go.

A few weeks later, he took a week of vacation time, but they did not leave town. He stayed home and constantly complained that she wasn’t smoking enough, wasn’t breathing it in deep enough, and wasn’t taking enough drags off the cigarette. Her knee was hurting and he was driving her crazy.  She had enough and made up her mind to do something about it. She would have never done what she did if she would have known the consequences.

She wrote a note to her mother, telling her about him forcing her to smoke and some of the abuse she had suffered. She also wrote that he wouldn’t take her to the doctor.  She also asked that she would never mention the note to John. Her mother didn’t mention it to him, but she told everyone else.

By the next day, Sarah’s siblings, cousins, aunts, several of her mother’s neighbors, and even a few strangers knew about the note. Her mother called relatives and read the note to them. Sarah was ashamed and afraid that someone would confront John. It just added to her stress.

Her mother made John take Sarah to see a doctor, and she went along, too. That was a huge mistake.  The doctor said that one of them would have to wait in the waiting room.  Her mother and John got into a shouting match and Sarah started crying. John finally went out and her mother told the doctor about the note. At this point,  Sarah just wanted to hide somewhere and die. It was clear that the doctor was uncomfortable in the situation so she left quickly. The car ride home was stressful for everyone. 

Sarah’s mother contacted an attorney and had planned to get her daughter and grandchildren away from John.  One afternoon, she talked with a preacher about what was happening.  He suggested that the couple stay together.  With that, she stopped helping Sarah, who was now worse off than before because of the rift between her husband and mother.

The following Christmas, John remarked that not a single family member of Sarah’s would talk with him.  Sarah wished in her heart that she had never written the note.  Thankfully, her mother seemed to forget about it.

As for her knees, Sarah had a dream in which het mother told her to drink raw milk and eat honeycomb. She said that there was an enzyme in the milk that would help her knees. Upon waking, she called her mother and told her the dream.  They rode out to a local dairy and bought a gallon of fresh, creamy milk. Within a week, Sarah’s knees were better. Also, the swelling in her thyroid went down. They continued buying the raw milk for several months.