Dealing with Grave’s Disease was not easy for Sarah. The car ride after her diagnosis was a nightmare. The rapid heartbeat was tiring and she would fall asleep while brushing her teeth or having a conversation.  Her eyes also bothered her tremendously.

Grave’s makes the eyes bulge out. They would get dry and were very sensitive to light. Some days, Sarah had to turn off the lights and avoid looking at the windows, tv, and computer. Even reading a book was harsh on the eyes.

She was still driving the children to school in the morning.  She dreaded each trip. On the way to school, the sun was not in her eyes, but she had to constantly fight sleep. It order to stay awake, she asked the children to yell at her all the way to school. On the way back, the sun blinded her. When she narrowly avoided a head-on collision with a minivan, she knew that it was time to stop driving.

The next time John asked her to go to the store, she told him that she just couldn’t drive anymore. Even driving the few miles to the grocery store, she would have to stop at the gas station just to walk around so she would not fall asleep. He was irritated at first, but then realized it was for the best.

Due to the illness, Sarah had lost so much weight that she could fit into jeans from the girls’ department. That was one effect from the overactive thyroid that she was happy about!

The doctor was concerned about her eyes, so he perscribed a steroid to take down the swelling. It helped her eyes, but she gained over 30 pounds in one month.  She also was only sleeping a couple of hours each night. She could not sit still and had to stay busy. She decided to wash every dish in her kitchen, so she took the dishes out of the cabinet, washed and dried them, then put them back up. While doing this, the heavy, cast iron sink fell down into the cabinet. She asked John to fix it, but he never did. For the remainder of their time in the little house, Sarah had to wash dishes in the bathroom sink.

My view right now. Beautiful day!