Courtesy of egfields

Sarah was ordered by the doctor to do very little for the next month until her heart slowed down. Even with the medication, her resting beats per minute was around 120.  Several minutes after taking a pill, she could actually feel her heart slowing down.  The thyroid medication was working also.

During this time, when she wasn’t supposed to do much, she decided to take up a hobby.  Her younger sister was expecting her first child, so Sarah decided to crochet a baby blanket for her new nephew.  It took a little while for her fingers to maneuver the stitches, but once she got the hang of it, it went pretty fast. The only thing was, her stitches got looser as the blanket grew, so the finished product was lopsided.  Her nephew didn’t care, and carried the blanket for several years. So, with a little blue blanket, her love of the fiber arts began.

Sarah had to get permission from the doctor to go on a camping trip to the beach with the Scouts.  She had been a den leader ever since her son was in Tiger Cubs.  The doctor only let her go when he heard that two doctors were scoutmasters. She promised the doctor that she would take it easy.

Sarah was excited about the trip because she loved looking at the ocean.  Before the trip, she made a little book containing ocean poems so she could read them while looking out at the Atlantic.  The book had everything from “Sea Fever” by John Masefield (her favorite poem as a child) to “Whales Weep Not” by D.H. Lawrence (this poem made her blush a bit). Her favorite poem in the little booklet was “Thalatta, Thalatta” by Joseph Brownlee Brown.  She spend many hours looking out over the ocean, wondering if this was the last time she would ever see it. She would see the ocean again, but this was the last camping trip with the Scouts.