John was quite cruel to Sarah during the summer of 2001. He gave her grief about her job and the smoking, as well as little things.  He even threatened to make her stay home from her father’s funeral if she did not wear a rhinestone belt. She refused to wear it and they still went.  This photograph was taken after the service. Notice there is no belt.


A few weeks later, she went to see the endocrinologist, who was very concerned about her eyes and heart. He told her that there was a chance she could go blind. After that, she tried to look at everything like she would never see it again. He also said a heart attack was a huge possibility. He drew blood to have it tested. He said she had an overactive thyroid condition called Grave’s Disease. He told her to do as little as possible for a month and even had reservations about her going on a camping trip to the beach with the scouts.  He also told her to absolutely stop smoking. Sarah rejoiced to hear that. Certainly John will agree that she should quit so that she could better regain her health.

The doctor gave her two perscriptions; one to slow down her heart and the other to regulate her thyroid.  John drove straight to the pharmacy and got them filled, but Sarah knew that there was something wrong with him.

When he got back in the car, it started. He turned to her and declared that the nurse should of minded her own business.  Sarah tried to calm him down, saying that the nurse was just trying to help and probably saved her life.  But he just got madder and madder.

He drove around town for over two hours, screaming and cursing at Sarah.  The hate and anger she felt from him was like nothing she had ever experienced.  She tried to get out of the car several times, but he locked the door and would grab her every time she tried to open the door. All she wanted to do was get away from him and go see her children.

In his fit of rage, he threw her medicine out of the car window. Sarah jumped out of the car then, and ran to a nearby gas station. She locked herself in the bathroom, leaned against the wall, and let the tears flow.  She had no idea what was going on outside.

Someone had called the police when they saw what was going on. The cop pulled up and asked John what had happened.  John said that Sarah had gotten some bad news from the doctor. The cop accepted the story,  not bothering to talk with Sarah.

John came to the bathroom door and said that he wouldn’t yell anymore if she came out. Reluctantly, she got back in the car with him. He then told her about the cop and said that because of her, he could have gone to jail and lost his job.

A few days later, the doctor’s office called, saying they needed to see Sarah immediately.  When she got there, they drew more blood, saying that the toxins were so high in the first batch, she should have been hospitalized. Thankfully, the medicine had started taking effect and the toxins were lowered.

John did not allow Sarah to quit smoking.