There is one thing John despises to do. It seems like he would do anything to avoid it, and i do not know why. He does not mind getting food from the dumpster behind the grocery store, but he will rarely take out the trash from his own house. It is nothing new, he has done this our entire married life.

It wasn’t as bad when his daddy was still alive. They would take off the trash every Saturday. All i had to do was take the bags out to a storage building. But when his father passed, things changed. The storage building filled up, so did the closed bed of a parked truck, and the inside of a parked station wagon. John would take out the trash for his mother, but not his wife. I was unable to drive at this point, so i couldn’t take it off.

After his father died, John left the children and me in the little, trash filled house while he moved in with his mother. I tried to take the piled up trash bags out of the kitchen, but there were snakes nesting under them. The children and i moved upstairs in the big house. John slept downstairs with his mother.  Things were okay again. We lived a trash free life for a while. But then his mother died. He stopped repairing the house, cutting the grass, and taking off the trash. He would take some off occasionally, when i would fuss at him about it.

Last year, with his depression, things got really bad. The trash bags were building up. There was close to 50 scattered around the house. I was determined to get them out from the upstairs so i tossed them down  stairway. I even threatened to leave him if he did not get rid of them. He got mad and said that if i wanted to leave, to just leave right then and never come back. He also threatened to kill himself if i left. So i did not leave and he didn’t take off the trash.

A few weeks ago, he stated that he had gotten rid of a lot of the trash. I was amazed at how he managed to get rid of about 20 bags without going anywhere. He said he took the plywood down that was blocking the den and threw it all in there.

He is now taking off some trash and wants me to praise him every time he takes one off. I will brag on him from now to kingdom come if he will just haul off the trash!

The little house now