Sarah enjoyed her life. She had two adorable children, a little house in the country behind her inlaws, and a hard working husband. Her parents lived close by. She loved her life, but one thing was bothering her. 

John wanted her to smoke cigarettes.  He asked her every day to start smoking. Occasionally, she would puff on one in the bedroom just to make him happy. She knew he was turned on by it. He would stare at women who were smoking in public.  She often wondered why he marry her instead of a woman who smoked since it was a major turn on for him.

His mother smoked up until the day she died. She was also on oxygen for years and had COPD.  John also said that his first wife smoked. Her lighter was the only thing he had kept after she left.  He had to know of the dangers of smoking, but he just did not care.

On July 17th, 1993, he hounded her about it all day. He wanted her to smoke, not just in the bedroom, but all the time, whether he was home or not. She refused over and over.

He told her that wives were supposed to obey their husbands and that she was not being submitful like in says in the Bible. She replied by telling him that husbands were supposed to love their wives. He then said something that chilled her soul. He said that husbands are only supposed to love their wives after they have been submitful.  She still told him no.

They drove out to K-Mart that evening. Sitting in the parking lot, the kids in the backseat of the big, white Blazer, he gave her an offer she could not refuse. He told her that if she did not start smoking cigarettes, she would never see her children again.  With tears streaming down her face, she gave in.