Sarah continued living her double life and was actually getting comfortable in her daily routine. When John went camping with the Boy Scouts, she didn’t even look at a cigarette while he was gone. Those times were luxurious. 

While he was away, she would let the children sleep in her bed. One night, they did not want to sleep. John Jr and Raven could make themselves sneeze, so they took turns sneezing instead of going to sleep. Sarah finally had to tell them to stop. The next day, she wrote this poem:

Go to sleep my little children, 
Go to sleep my pride and joy; 
You’re my darling little daughter,
You’re my precious little boy. 
Laughing time is over,
Playing time is done,
They’ll be time enough for games
When again we see the sun.

So, go to sleep my babes
And close your eyes,
It is time to rest
Under darkened skies:
I know you will be up
With the rising of the sun,
So, go to sleep,
     Go to sleep,
           Little ones.

The kids eventually went to school and Sarah was home alone. John gave her permission to be a substitute teacher in the elementary schools. She enjoyed the children, but wasn’t crazy about having to work on such short notice. 

About the same time, they got their first computer.  Sarah had heard about the Internet Superhighway and was anxious to take a ride. It was love at first click! 

She soon discovered ICQ and penpal websites.  She talked with people all over the world, including someone stationed in Antarctica!  She formed several lasting friendships, some which continue to this day.

John found out that she had a female penpal in Tennessee, and he wanted to read every email to and from her friend. Her friend was married to a police officer, and from the tone of Sarah’s emails, he deduced that there was some form of abuse in her life. John got upset and said he didn’t want anyone knowing his business. Sarah stopped writing her friend and kept the rest of her online friendships a secret, a practice she continues to this day.