Sarah awoke early on the first Friday in August. She was excited to meet her new baby but was sad that she would never again be pregnant. It was for the best, she supposed, but regretted having to be forced into it. 

They left Jr with John’s parents and rode to the hospital. Unlike the first delivery, everything went smoothly. The doctors and staff in the OR were calm and not hurried. 

All through the pregnancy, Sarah thought she was carrying a girl. John said that it was a boy. At 8:22 am on 8-2, weighing in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces, their little girl was born.  The first words out of Sarah’s mouth were, “I told you so!”

After John and the baby were taken out of the OR, the doctor did the tubal ligation and sewed Sarah up. At one point, she felt a sharp tug and thought she would lose consciousness.  She later wondered if that was the moment she lost her ability to have children.  

This hospital was not as nice as the Catholic hospital. Instead of going to a spacious,  nicely furnished room to recover, she was taken to what looked like a dark supply closet. She was feeling down in the gloomy room, but then the door opened and a smiling nurse walked in carrying a little bundle. Sarah held little Raven Rose for the very first time!  The nurse uncovered Sarah’s breast and put the baby on it. She hungrily drank her very first meal! There was no husband there to capture the moment on film, but Sarah always held that memory close to her heart.

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I’ve loved food since the day I was born. Some things never change!