Raven Rose came in to this world on Friday. Sarah and baby were released from the hospital on Monday.  Riding in the car really hurt Sarah.  Every pothole sent stabbing pain to her tender abdomen. John didn’t want to go straight home. He wanted to stop by the store first and told Sarah to get out and walk around the store. She didn’t want to go in and take her newborn daughter, but he said it would be good to walk around. Sarah suspected he just wanted to show off his new baby.  So, Raven went to the grocery store before she went home.  In later years, Raven’s very first job was at the same store.

John took that week off from work so that he could take care of his wife and children. His idea of taking care of them was riding them around town. The day after they came home from the hospital,  he wanted to take the family out to Shoney’s for breakfast.  He got upset when Sarah flat refused. She needed to recover from major surgery and take care of her baby. 

Sarah loved her two beautiful children. Jr loved his baby sister.  Aside from the slight troubles with John,  Sarah loved her life. In less than two years, things would change dramatically.