Sarah, John, and the children had some happy times. The children played so well together. Their home life seemed wonderful.

They took a week long trip to Ormond Beach, Florida, parked their vehicle and didn’t get back in it until they were going back home. They bought another stroller and walked everywhere, pushing the kids in the strollers. They visited The Casements, a history museum in what was once a home of John D. Rockefeller.  The went to restaurants and shops, soaking up the Florida sunshine and getting lots of exercise.  They played on the beach and in the hotel pool. Little Raven loved the pool and swam like a fish. That week was probably the happiest in their marriage.

Sarah did not know there was a storm brewing on the horizon.  She did not know the monster that was soon to be born, and with it a rift in their marriage which would never be repaired.

The monster came to life on July 17th, 1993, 13 days before Sarah’s 27th birthday.