John Jr was a happy, healthy baby. Sarah was so happy with her little family. Life was so good. But things were about to change. 

When Jr was 14 months old, the young family went to the old mall. A new mall was opening soon and all the stores were moving, so they were walking through it for the last time. As they were walking in to Sears,  and older lady stopped Sarah and asked her when her baby was due. Sarah felt a little offended and told the lady that she was not pregnant.  The lady looked straight into Sarah’s eyes and said, “Yes, you are.” Sarah thought the lady was crazy and didn’t think more about it until a few weeks later when she started feeling nauseous in the mornings.  

She told John that she thought she was expecting, and he said that she was not. Every time she mentioned her suspected pregnancy, he replied that she did not know what she was talking about. She decided to prove it to him, so she bought a pregnancy test. 

The next morning, she took the test, but back then, it took a while to see the results. It showed positive! John Jr was going to have a little brother or sister! She was bursting with excitement, but did not want to tell John over the phone. She knew that when he found out, he would be as excited as she was!

When he came home from work, she ran to the door with the positive pregnancy test in her hand.  She was not prepared for what happened next.

He told her that she wasn’t pregnant and those tests were not accurate, then he stormed out the door.

That night, after the baby was fed and put to bed, John angrily told his wife that IF she was pregnant, she would not be going back to the nice Catholic hospital, but would have the baby at the not so nice, local hospital (a week earlier, he would not let his dog go to the local hospital). He also said that she would be having her tubes tied as soon as the baby was born.

Sarah found out quickly that her husband had a cruel side. Her second pregnancy was a whirlwind of emotions for the young mother.