Sarah was heartbroken. How could someone who was supposed to love and treasure her treat her this way? She thought that maybe after a week, he would see the error of his ways and things would return to normal. 

Sarah thought that maybe he wasn’t aware of how dangerous smoking was.  She thought that if she gathered articles from magazines and gave them to him, along with a sweet, heartfelt letter, he would take her in his arms and apologize for his behavior.  As lovingly as she could, she gave them to him, then watched as he ripped them to shreds. 

She decided she would not smoke while he was gone. She had two children at home and she wasn’t going to subject them to second hand smoke. He could not make her because he was gone. But he would count the cigarettes in the pack every morning when he left and every evening when he returned from work. She started hiding them. But he found them and would yell and scream for hours. If, in their room, she fell asleep while he was yelling, he would pick up the side of the mattress and roll her out of bed. Life was terrible. 

He started, not only counting the cigarettes, but also the smoked butts. Also, if the house did not smell like smoke when he got home, he would yell.  Sarah was so determined to not smoke while he was gone,  she would wait until almost time for him to come home, break of the butts of the cigarettes,  burn them and leave them in the ashtray for him to count. But he would look at the ends of the filters to see if they had actually been smoked. 

Sarah found a way to get around that, too. She would color the ends with yellow and brown crayons. There was a problem with her plan. Sometimes he would come home in the middle of the day just to catch her trying to fool him.

In the early mornings, after he left for work and while the children were still asleep. She would pray and beg God that this burden be taken from her. She even tried smoking the cigarettes for a few days, thinking that if she was a submitful wife, maybe God would deliver her from her awful situation. But nothing changed and she began to lose her faith.