Sarah was very happy with her little family.  Things were certainly busy with two in diapers! John wasn’t any help with diaper duty, not since Jr was a tiny baby. Sarah was getting ready for church one Sunday and she asked her husband to change the little fellow’s dirty diaper. She neglected to tell John that baby boys can often turn into a fountain of pee.  It wasn’t long before she heard him saying a few choice words. He then came out of the baby’s room, his Sunday suit covered in number one AND number two!

Sarah loved having a little girl to dress in pink and put bows in her hair. Sarah’s mother made lots of pretty dresses for little Raven. John Jr was fascinated by his sister and called her hazel eyes “jungle eyes.”

When Raven was about nine months old, the young family took a weekend beach trip and stayed with Sarah’s parents, who had rented an apartment for a few weeks. They had a grand time, playing in the sand, having their toes tickled by the ocean’s wavelets and spending time with her parents. They visited an aquarium and rode on a ferry. Years later, Raven recalled that her first memory was of being on the ferry.

One evening, they had a horrible scare. Sarah, John, and Jr were flying a kite on the beach while Sarah’s parents watched little Raven toddle around in her walker.  They were in the gazebo, overlooking the ocean.  There were steep steps off of the gazebo, one set leading to the soft sand and the other leading to the paved parking area.  All of a sudden, Sarah heard a loud cry and her stomach sank. Raven tumbled down the stairs onto the pavement. 

Luckily, the walker protected her from getting hurt. There wasn’t even a bruise on the little baby. John had some first aid training in Scouts and at his job, so he exhamined her for breaks and a concussion.  There wasn’t anything physically wrong, but the fall scared little Raven.  She cried and cried until she got what comforted her most – mother’s warm milk.  

She was fine after that, but Sarah’s parents felt really bad about what happened.

During this trip, Sarah and John rode off for a little while and left the children with her parents.  He begged her to smoke a cigarette.  She did not want to and said no. She was still nursing the baby twice a day and didn’t want it passed through the milk.  Plus, she had no desire to smoke and had never even taken a puff off of a cigarette before she met John  He kept on bugging her about it so she finally gave in and took two little puffs, just to shut him up.  She regretted doing that for the rest of her life.