Sarah and John saw each other every day, except when he went camping with the Boy Scouts. When she worked the morning shift at Tastee Freez, he would come by every morning on his way to work. They also would spend time together every night.

Sarah’s mother was not too fond of John because he was separated from his wife. She told Sarah that she shouldn’t spend so much time with him. One night, while at Sarah’s house, they fell asleep on the large sectional couch. Sarah was on one part and John on the other. They were not even touching. Sarah’s mother discovered the sleeping couple gave both of them a lesson on abstaining from the appearance of evil.

To celebrate Sarah’s 22nd birthday, Sarah, John, and her parents drove up to Linville Falls and Caverns in the mountains of NC. It was the best birthday she could remember. She enjoyed the cool, dark caverns and the hike to the rushing waterfall. It was splendid to spend the day with her parents and boyfriend. Little did she know that a year and a half later, her father would be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

In the fall of 1988, John’s divorce was final. Sarah was tired of having to go home every night and dreamed of the time when she could fall asleep in John’s arms. On December 31, 1988, he proposed to her in the hallway of his small home.