24 March 2016  

Today is Maunday Thursday. Instead of us going to a communion service at church, we are both at home. Just a few years ago, we did not just attend the communion service, we prepared a meal for the entire church and the communion bread for the service. How quickly things can change.

John left the house at about 4:15 this morning and drove to our children’s house. Our children, John Jr. and Raven, live together with Raven’s boyfriend. John parked in front of their house and waited for two hours for Jr. to come out.

Part of the reason he leaves so early is fear. He is terrified of utility workers and police. His paranoia sometimes causes him to see things that are not there. One night, he saw a green road sign and thought it was a license check.

After he took Jr. to work this morning, he checked the dumpster and found lots of produce. He brought in two huge boxes filled with apples, oranges, tangerines, grapes, limes, peppers, leeks, lettuce, collards, carrots, cilantro, kale, broccoli, and fancy, expensive juices. I am going to juice and dehydrate some of the produce. What we cannot use will go to the compost pile.

He came home early today, before 8 am. Usually his fear keeps him away from the house in the mornings. When I get up the nerve to post it, I will tell why he is so afraid.

Thank you for reading my blog.