Weeks went by and John still denied that Sarah was pregnant.  She asked him about going to the obstetrician, but he said that she couldn’t go yet.  He made up a story that doctors were encouraging women to not go to the doctor’s office in the first few months of their pregnancy.  Sarah knew it was a lie, but she tried to keep peace.  

In March, they young family took a trip to Ormond Beach, Florida. It was Sarah’s first trip to Florida and Jr’s first visit to the ocean. They visited St. Augustine, and The family had a great time.  They left to go home early Saturday morning. John said that they would stop and get breakfast on the road. Every time Sarah complained about being hungry or pointed out roadside eateries, he would say that they would stop somewhere up the road. He finally got her a corndog at a gas station in Ga. Eventually, they stopped at Burger King in their hometown, after seven hours of being on the road. That was the first time that Sarah felt the baby moving within her. Even then, John denied that she was pregnant. 

After the beach trip, he finally consented and allowed her to see the doctor.   When she had her ultrasound, the baby looked like it was waving. Maybe it was saying, “Hey Daddy! I AM here!”

Sarah and John had a terrible scare when Jr was 18 months old. He couldn’t breathe and they couldn’t get the pediatrician to call them back. They rushed him to the ER, where the little boy was hospitalized for three nights. He had a horrible bout of croup. 

Even though he finally accepted her pregnancy, John still gave Sarah a hard time. Even though she got on her knees, crying and begging, he still demanded that she get her tubes tied. She mentioned it to one of her doctors, who tried to talk John out of making her have that done. It was to no avail. 

Sarah got very sick and the smell of meat made her nauseous.  She was very anemic and there was talk of having to do a blood transfusion during the c-section. 

The doctor gave Sarah a choice of days for delivery, August 1st or 2nd. She chose August 2nd because it was her mother’s birthday. Also, since this would be her last pregnancy,  she wanted it to last for one more day.