The day of the date arrived – Sunday, May 8th, 1988. It was also Mother’s Day.

Sarah had to work that afternoon and was as nervous as a cat in a room full of dogs. When she got home, she realized that the only pants that were clean were a pair of jeans with holey knees. Sarah had been working so much, she forgot to wash clothes.  John was on his way, so she put on the jeans.

She kept looking out the window for his old T-Bird, picturing on old two seater. She was surprised to see a humongous boat of a car turn into the driveway.  John came in and met her parents and then then the young couple were on their way. Incidentally, Sarah’s mother saved the local newspaper from that day, so Sarah could look back on it in years to come.

John and Sarah went to a steakhouse first, but Sarah was too nervous to eat very much. Then they went to see the movie Beetlejuice.  During the movie, John leaned over and kissed her for the first time.

The date went along splendidly, so much so that he wanted to see her again the very next night. He helped coach the church softball team for teenaged boys.  She sat on the metal bleachers, watching him work with the boys. He walked up and handed her something. It was the key to his house. She thought it was quite sudden, but he insisted she take it.

After the game, they went to his house, where he showed her around. The house started as a pool room, but evolved into a two bedroom home over the years.

He suggested they watch TV, but the only set was in the bedroom. She soon realized he was more interested in her than the TV.  He tried to unzip her jeans, but she resisted his advances, saying it was happening to fast. He respected her wishes and so they talked until she went home.

For the next two nights, all they did was kiss and talk. But Sarah thought that mere conversation would not keep him interested for long. At 21, she felt like an old maid. She made up her mind that the next time John put the moves on her, she would give in. She didn’t have to wait long.

The morning of Thursday, May 12th,1988, Sarah dressed with her deflowering in mind. She chose a floral tank top with a lacy white top over it, a yellow skirt her mother made, and white huarache sandals. Ironically, that morning was the first and only time her mother ever warned her about premarital sex.

She should have listened to her mother.