In the first part of our story, we learned that Sarah was physically healed twice as a child. Since she still had a slight heart murmur and because of her miraculous recovery, the doctors at Duke wanted to see her every so often.

When Sarah was around nine years old, something unusual happened. Her chestnut hair started turning white. It was so noticeable, her mother colored the little girl’s hair! Until she was grown, Sarah’s hair color came from Clairol. The doctors at Duke ran tests on her and came to the conclusion that the color change was just very premature greying.

Kids at school noticed the white roots and made fun of her. Sarah felt isolated and alone. Some children called her a witch. Sarah spent her time at school staring out the window and daydreaming. Although she was in the top percentile when it came to testing, her schoolwork suffered. As a result, Sarah’s mother took her out of school after 7th grade with all intentions of homeschooling her. She had read that the Osmonds were homeschooled and she thought it might work for Sarah. This was long before homeschooling became popular.

When the books came in the mail, she gave them to Sarah, who was responsible for her own schooling. She did well, especially in reading and history. But after one year of homeschooling, the mother stopped ordering the books. But Sarah was a voracious reader and continued to expand her mind and learn new things. So much so, that when it came time to test for her GED, she studied for one week and passed in the top percentile!

Sarah was very lonely. She watched her younger sister with her friends as they talked about things at school and boys. She watched her sister go out on dates. The only time Sarah was around any kids her own age was at church. She spent much of her formidable teen years alone or in the company of her mother. As to be expected, Sarah had a difficult time when she started attending the local college. She was not used to structured learning or being around other people. So, after a year, she went to work.

Sarah had already been babysitting for years. She had her own bank account and bought things she needed or wanted. She was never overdrawn and was careful to balance her checkbook. Even though she was painfully shy, she enjoyed working at an amusement park on a log flume ride. Her favorite place was in the little shed at the top of the second hill. She could look over the park and daydream. It was here that she met a boy.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story.