When we last left Sarah, she was busy daydreaming away in between greeting lightly damp log flume riders atop the second hill. It was a muggy July day. Sarah was two weeks away from turning 21. Due to her virtually nonexistent social life as a teenager, poor Sarah had not yet been kissed.

The summer before, while driving home from college, Sarah was injured in a car accident which left her neck and face scarred. She felt ugly and was sure she would never have a boyfriend.

Her older sister had tried to set her up with a couple of her friends. Larry was smart, friendly, tall, and handsome, and Sarah really liked him, but she was so shy that by the time she felt like she could express her feelings for him, her sister moved away and she never saw Larry again.

As Sarah was in her little shed, watching the log shaped boats slide down the second hill, a group of boys came around the bend. A big, blonde boy was holding a cup. In an instant, Sarah was drenched in ice water! The boys rode the ride again, but this time, the blonde boy asked her name and age. When Sarah’s shift was over, the girl stationed at the end of the ride gave her a slip of paper. The boy with the ice water had left his number for Sarah. His name was Jamie.

Sarah had not called a boy since the fourth grade. Her mother fussed at her then, saying it wasn’t proper for girls to phone boys. Sarah thought about that while she looked at the number. She called Jamie anyway.

Please stay tuned to see what happens next to our doleful-eyed maiden. Same Sarah time, same Sarah channel