Fairy tales always start with “Once upon a time” and end with “And they lived happily ever after.”  i do not know how my story will end yet, but here is how it began.

Once upon a time, there was a young mother with two beautiful, healthy children.  One night, she dreamt that she was holding a sickly baby girl. A friend asked whose baby it was and the young mother answered, “Mine.” She woke up from the dream and realized she was expecting a baby.

The pregnancy was rough and she almost lost the baby. Her brother prayed for a safe pregnancy, and so she was able to carry the baby to term. On a hot, July day, the baby was born, but something was wrong. Even the ob/gyn left the mother to see about the child. The little girl was born with an enlarged heart. There was also a hole between the lower chambers. The baby was named Sarah.

A pediatrician who specialized in heart problems was called. He said that, if Sarah could wait that long, she would have to have surgery when she was about a year old.  11 months later, the doctor said that surgery was needed now. He wanted Sarah’s parents to take her to Duke to have tests.

Before they took Sarah, the heartbroken mother was in church when the congregation started singing the hymn, “What a Friend we have in Jesus.” She prayed right then for her daughter, and then felt that the elders of the church should anoint the child with oil and pray for her. Well, the elders had never done that before, but for the sake of the parents and Sarah, they did it anyway.  The mother’s brother also invited Sarah and her family to their church where they also prayed. Sarah’s parents felt at peace.

At Duke, the doctors ran test after test on little Sarah. When they later went to the parents to report their findings, four doctors said that it was a miracle. The only thing they could find wrong with her was a slight heart murmur.  Sarah’s heart was healed, not by surgery but by The Great Physician.

Sarah grew like other girls do, except she had to wear corrective shoes for very weak ankles and no arches in her feet. An orthopedic surgeon said that when she  was old enough, she would have to have pins put in her ankles for support. One day, Sarah’s mother placed her hands on Sarah’s feet and prayed for healing. Sarah no longer needed the corrective shoes or pins in her ankles!

So, it seems as though Sarah was meant for something special.  At nearly 50 years old, the heart is still ticking, the ankles are still strong, and she is still trying to figure out why she was saved.