Our young Sarah did not have much experience with boys. Spending much of her teenage years at home with her mother put a damper on her social life and social skills. There were boys interested in her, but she didn’t just play hard to get, she played impossible to get. She was terrified of the opposite sex!

She had a male penpal from Mississippi when she was 18. When he said that they should meet sometime, she ended the friendship. Her sister tried to set her up with two tall, handsome young men. Sarah really liked Larry but was too backwards to let him know. She finally got up the nerve to exchange flirty little glances with him at a party. Unfortunately, it was a farewell party because her sister and brother-in-law were moving away. She never saw Larry again.

Her brief relationship with Jamie was bad from the start. She was more in love with having a boyfriend than she was with him.

There was a young man at church who sat beside her every Sunday. David was a handsome young banker. It never occurred to the socially awkward Sarah that there was no assigned seating on Sundays and he actually chose to sit next to her. But she was too shy to speak to him. One Sunday, when the congregation joined hands, he continued to hold her hand after everyone else had dropped theirs. She pulled her hand away because she did not want to appear easy. She was truly impossible when it came to boys.

On May 6th, 1988, a fireman from Columbia was in the area for a training class. He came to the restaurant and asked if anyone would like to have a late supper with him because he did not feel like eating alone. Sarah finally got up the nerve to take a little initiative with the opposite sex, so she agreed and he picked her up after work. They went to Denny’s, where he regaled her with stories and magic tricks. Sarah was not impressed. Worn out from 12 hours of work, she wanted to go home, wash off the day, and go to bed – alone!

Even though the date with the visiting fireman was uneventful, Sarah remembered that date on the calendar. It was the day before destiny walked into her life.