In the last installment of our story, Sarah had been doused with iced water by a boy named Jamie. He had left his number for her. So, she gathered up all the courage she had in her shy, virginal heart, and called him. This was before the age of cell phones glued to everyone’s heads, so she used a pay phone at the amusement park.

They talked for a little while and he asked her out on a date. She was two weeks away from turning 21 and she wanted desperately to be kissed before her birthday, so she said yes. He was to pick her up in his blue convertible the next evening at the Tastee Freez where her younger sister worked.

She sat in the restaurant, anxiously awaiting his arrival when she saw an odd car without a top coming off the exit ramp. Sure enough, it was Jamie, only it wasn’t a real convertible; he had cut the top off of his car! He decided to take her to see a movie. His choice was not a very first date worthy movie, but a fitting choice for someone who would cut the top off of a car. So, Miss Sarah received her very first kiss while uncomfortably watching Revenge of the Nerds 2!

After the movie, Jamie was cruising the main drag as was the custom of young people back in the “olden days.” Sarah was enjoying the warm, summer breeze ruffling her hair while the radio played and the blonde boy with the dreamy, blue eyes held her hand and gave her little kisses. He stopped at a little gas station and Sarah noticed something -Jamie was a flirt! He was hitting on the two women who worked at the gas station
while Sarah was sitting in the car! He talked with them for a long time, and when he came back to the car, the women blew kisses to him. He told Sarah that the women had offered him a certain sexual favor if he came back after they got off of work. He then asked Sarah if she wanted to park somewhere and “talk.” She replied that they could talk just fine riding down the road! Jamie figured that he wouldn’t be “running any bases” with Sarah that night, so he promptly took her home.

Later that night, in the wee morning hours, Sarah received a call from Jamie’s mother. He had not gotten home yet. The next morning, Jamie called Sarah, all apologetic and sweet, saying he was late getting home because of a flat tire. She resisted the urge to ask if the flat tire happened at the gas station!

They went out a few more times, but Sarah noticed that, while he was sweet as pie when they were alone, he was rude and crude in front of his friends. The last place she saw Jamie was also the first place they met.

It was at the end of the season, before the park shut down for the winter. Sitting in her shed atop the second hill of the log flume, she felt like someone was watching her. She looked down and saw a golden-haired boy looking up at her. Then he turned, and walked away.