My story

Each one of us is made up of little pieces of our past. The good and bad, successes and failures, hopes and dreams all combine to equal a unique individual. My story is quite unique. Several friends suggested that it should made into a book or a movie. My own mother said that I should write it down. So, I created this humble blog for the sole purpose of sharing my story. Like it or not, this is me.

To protect the innocent and not so innocent, I choose to remain anonymous and change names and places.

This first installment of this blog will be an introduction. I am Sarah, a 49 year old housewife and the mother of two grown children who, thankfully, are on their own now. I am quiet and shy, a loner and a homebody. My marriage is not great. Poverty and neglect have taken a toll on me. I have to go downstairs to turn on the hot water for the upstairs bathroom. I wash clothes in a butter churn and eat food retrieved from the dumpster behind the grocery store.  Life kinda sucks right now.

But, I am an optimist and believe that, beyond the dark clouds of uncertainty, there is a brilliant rainbow of hope.

Please join me as I search for my rainbow.