Last night, I went to bed with an upset stomach and a headache but did not go to sleep until 11:30, yet here I sit, semi wide awake at 5:30. You may ask yourself why a poverty stricken housewife who rarely leaves the house is awake after only 5 1/2 hours of precious sleep. Well, I am married to the reason. John has no job, but does have self induced anxiety and paranoia. He calls himself being a good father by making a meager lunch for John, Jr. He also drives him to work every morning. Jr. comes out of his house at 6:45 and it takes 15 minutes to go to his house from our house. John leaves early because of fear and depression.  You will hear more about his issues in later posts.

I should be blissfully snoring away right now, with the sleeping dogs curled next to me as the frogs in the swamp fill the air with their courtship song, but a favorite show comes on at 6:00 and I do not want to miss it. It only comes on Tuesday and Thursday, so I make sure to watch it. While watching, I will have my chai tea and some leftover yeast rolls. Of course I will share my breakfast with the dogs.  If I want more tea, I will navigate my way past at least a dozen trash bags, past the plywood blocking the rotten, deteriorated den from the rest of the house, and into the sparse kitchen with no tile on the floor and three colors of paint on the cabinets. There is no heat downstairs, so I have to have a sweater.

After breakfast, I plan to take a bath. I have to take the bucket used to flush the toilet out of the tub, put the stopper in, then rush naked downstairs to turn a lever so that warm water will flood the tub. The water is just warm, not hot.

I wash my hair once a week. I currently subscribe to the “no poo” method where I wash it with baking soda and rinse with apple cider vinegar. I like it so far.