John had a rough start in life just like Sarah. He weighed under three pounds when he was born. He spent his first month in the hospital where he faced serious health issues. When he was a month old, the doctor sent him home to die.

His mother was a woman of faith. Because of prayer, John was healed. He lived and grew but was very small. He was babied and coddled by an overprotective mother.

John’s father was a contractor. As soon as he could hold a hammer, he was working with his daddy in the summer and on weekends. His father was demeaning and harder on John than the rest of the construction crew.

When John was eight years old, his older brother, an artistic and sensitive soul, killed himself. Although it wasn’t his fault, John blamed himself.

Due to his very low self esteem, John became a pathological liar. He was so desperate for attention and affection, he would make up stories to build himself up and put others down. When people confronted him about the lies, he would get angry.

When he was 18, he married a 16 year old girl from NC. They lived in a small house behind his parents. The girl could not put up with the lies and anger and ended up leaving him in the fall of 1987. He was devastated and lonely.

He got a job on the construction crew at a utility company. He also got a job as a bouncer at a bar across from the local college. He occasionally attended the church he attended his entire life, but not wanting to talk about his marital situation, he kept to himself and sat on the back row.

He did talk to three teenaged girls in the church parking lot and tried to get their phone numbers. He loved watching them puff on their cigarettes. His mother smoked, so did his wife. In fact, the only thing he kept of hers was a cigarette lighter, which he had in a drawer in the kitchen.

Getting turned on by watching the teenagers smoke, he said that he could get them in the bar if one of them would go out with him. They said they would think about it because they wanted to go to the bar, but didn’t want to go out with him. Joanne, one of the girls, told her sister about the guy.

When the girls finally rejected his offer, John asked if Joanne had an older sister. He was taken with Joanne more than the other girls. To get him off her back, Joanne pointed out her sister to him and told him where she worked.

A few days later, he was at the outlet mall, ordering a fish sandwich.