The grocery store where Sarah worked opened for business in the winter of ’87-’88. Sarah was kept on as a stocker, working 3rd shift when the store was closed. She tried the best she could and did fine when the boxes were small and already loaded on the cart. But one night when she came to work, she knew her stocking career was coming to an end. She had to stock the paper towel aisle and her cart was the only one that was not preloaded. She looked at the mountain of huge boxes and felt that management was against her,  especially since the big, strong guys had the easier aisles. She stood five feet even and some of the paper towel boxes were almost as big as she was. A few days later she was called to the manager’s office and let go. She was not sad in the least!

The next job wasn’t much better. She cleaned rooms in a Christian resort. Two weeks after getting hired, she thought to herself that if the next bathroom was a mess, she would quit. It was and she did.

Her next job was at a local chain restaurant. The owner of the chain was a very nice Greek fellow, but the manager of the one where she worked was not so nice. The manager’s children worked there and she showed definite favoritism. The rules did not apply to her children.  Poor Sarah worked 14 days straight, mostly 12 hours a day. She requested a Sunday off well in advance because her sister, who was graduating from high school, was to be honored with the other graduates at church. Sarah went in to work the Monday before, saw that she was scheduled to work Sunday, and went right out and left.

When Sarah got her last paycheck, her twenty hours of overtime was not included. She called the manager who told her that she would not get the overtime since she had quit. Sarah had to call the board of labor relations to get her overtime pay.

She then went to work at Tastee Freez. She loved the hours worked – 6:00 am until 2:00 pm Monday through Friday. She enjoyed seeing the regular customers except for one man. He came in every single morning and propositioned her every day. One day when she got off, she turned on the interstate to go home he followed her up the ramp and got behind her. He was going so fast, she was scared he would run into her. Much to her relief, he finally went around and got in front of her, but slowed down to about 20 miles an hour. Sarah was scared to death! At the next exit, she sped down the ramp and drove home, looking in the rear view mirror the whole time. The man later told her he was just having fun.

In November of 1988, the restaurant closed down and Sarah started drawing unemployment. So ended her single working girl days.