After the amusement park shut down, Sarah hunted a new job. She saw an ad seeking seasonal help at a toy store in the next city. Sarah applied and got the job. The good thing was that she didn’t have to fight big city traffic because the toy store sent a carpool van to Sarah’s town. It was wonderful being chauffeured to work every morning, but working in a toy store before Christmas was hectic!

Ghostbusters were hugely popular that year and the store couldn’t keep those toys stocked. Teddy Ruxpin, the story telling teddy bear was also a top seller, as was Barbie, GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Pound Puppies. Nintendo was the biggest seller that year.  Sarah thought that the PLX 2000, a video recorder that used regular cassette tapes, was the coolest thing ever. But it was way outside of her budget and she did not have anything to record anyway.

For the most part, she enjoyed her work and her fellow employees.  She enjoyed talking with Dave on the bus and on breaks. He was friendly and nice. After the season was over, she immediately was hired by a grocery store that was soon going to open. She cleaned and stocked the shelves.  She generally ignored the construction workers working on the outside of the store because their behavior was very stereotypical.

One day while getting out of her car, she heard a familiar voice yell out, “Sarah!” She turned around and saw Dave! He had gotten hired on the construction crew.  After that, Sarah spent her lunch breaks in the parking lot talking to Dave. The construction workers and the people in the store teased her about how much time she spent with him. She didn’t care. She enjoyed spending time with her friend and secretly hoped that they could be more than friends.  But one day, she walked out and didn’t see him outside. She asked where he was, and was told he didn’t work there any more. She never saw Dave again.

Once while she worked at this store, she dreamt she was in the parking lot. Gulls were flying overhead, but they were not just birds. They were angels, soaring in the cloudless Carolina sky, watching over Sarah and the other people at the store.  To this day, when Sarah sees a gull, she thinks of the dream.