The next day, Sarah was still bleeding and sore, and was terribly brokenhearted. How could she be so naive? Why did she not see it coming? He was so nice to her before, but downright cruel after.  What happened last night was the worst thing that ever happened to her. She had never felt so much anger, hate, and scorn before.

She thought that it was probably best that their relationship was seemingly over. She did enjoy having a boyfriend, well, up until last night, but in the time she needed tenderness the most, he had given her cruelty. Maybe it was best if she didn’t see him again.

As she was getting ready for work, John called. She was so surprised!  He wanted to meet her outside of his work that afternoon. Sarah didn’t really want to see him again but felt obligated since he had taken her virginity. A short day at work, she only handled the lunch crowd. Then she decided she wanted a new ‘do. She had thick, wavy, auburn hair and wanted it thinned out, maybe in layers. When the stylist finished, it wasn’t exactly what Sarah wanted.  Instead of in layers, she had a mullet! On top it was very short, an inch or two long at most, but in the back, it was still past her shoulders.  But since it was just hair, it would grow back, unlike a certain other thing she recently lost.

She met John, they talked for a while, then she went home. He never apologized for his behavior, but he did ask if she was okay.  She lied and said she was fine.

They continued to see each other every day, even though Sarah wished he would just leave her alone. She hoped that David, the handsome banker would ask her out, but he never did. She wondered if she loved having a steady boyfriend more than she loved John. They had a good time together and she enjoyed his company, but the cruelty and anger she felt on May 12th would always haunt her.

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Raven829122 March 2016 2:07 pm #

There’s an error in the last paragraph that you may want to fix.

I am loving reading your story so far, even though it does break my heart. I am always refreshing to see if you uploaded a new post.