When Sarah and her younger sister,  Joanne were little girls, their mother prayed for their future husbands, not knowing that Joanne’s was a teenager in Ohio and Sarah’s was a boy across town.

The day after Sarah’s uneventful date with the visiting fireman, she was minding the register at the casual dining restaurant, which was located at the food court of an outlet mall.

It was a typical Saturday in May. The mall was filled with bargan hunters and happily tired, sunbaked families taking a break from the nearby amusement park.  A young man came up and asked what was good on the menu. Sarah answered that the chicken pita was her favorite, but the burgers were good, too.  The young man then ordered the fish sandwich.

Sarah took a good look at the young man. “Short, dark, and handsome. Just my type,” she thought. He was handsome – 5’6″ and stocky and strong, with black-brown wavy hair, deep brown eyes, and a mustache, Sarah liked what she saw.  He said his name was John and asked questions about where she lived and attended church.  Sarah did not know that he already knew the answers to the questions. He asked her out on a date and she said yes. He was to pick her up at her house the next evening. When he said he drove an old T-Bird, Sarah got excited. Her uncle had an old two seater T-Bird and Sarah loved that car! She could not wait for her date!

When John finished his fish sandwich, he just sat there in the food court, staring and smiling at Sarah. It made her a little nervous, reminding her of the way Rhett Butler stared at Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With the Wind.

She didn’t realize it at the time, but she had seen John several times before.

When they were teenagers, Sarah and Joanne went to a local shop to get a milkshake. There were two boys working there; one at the register and the other, a darkheaded boy with a mustache, making milkshakes. Sarah had many milkshakes from many places over the years, but this one stood out in her mind.

A few years later, Sarah and her family changed churches. The church gave them a photo directory so that they could place names to faces. Sarah enjoyed looking at the young men in the directory. There was one in particular that held her interest. Pleasant looking, dark haired, with a mustache and a huge smile, she had never seen him at church before. He was the best looking boy in the whole directory.

Two years later, at the Sunday night service, she noticed a young man on the back pew. He had very dark hair and a mustache. His skin was light brown.  After church, the only person he talked with was the youth minister, who had been a missionary in Mexico. Sarah thought that maybe the young man on the back row was Mexican.

A few weeks later, Sarah prayed for a hudband. She had David, the handsome banker, in mind, but after she prayed,  she immediately thought of the back pew Mexican.

Little did she know that the man on the back row would soon ask her out on a date.